Why Podcast? 

Podcasts are informal radio shows with regular episodes (usually weekly or fortnightly).  
People choose to listen because they’re engaging, informative, entertaining and personal. 
Podcasts are easy to find and download and, unlike all the unloved emails cluttering our inboxes, there’s a massive buzz around listening to them. 
That’s because people with busy lives are fast latching on to podcasts that they can listen to any time... whether they’re exercising, commuting or even walking the dog! 

Why Podcasts Work 

With podcast listening growing rapidly in popularity, official figures tell us people listen to about 3.6 hours of podcasts a week and two thirds take action as a result of what they hear.* 
Apart from generating sales for your business, you can also monetise your podcasts through: 
Sales of downloadable products through your website 
Sales of advertising or product endorsements 
Sales of premium content 
What’s more, podcasts create new and interesting material that can be used for other marketing purposes. Made4U Podcasts helps by providing transcripts of conversations plus audio clips for social media use. 
*Source: Figures from Rajar.co.uk’s Winter Report 2018 – the body which provides audience measurements for the UK’s radio industry 

Why people listen to podcasts 

BBC podcast research shows that podcast listeners want to be part of a community of likeminded people, to learn something new and to be able to listen in when and how they want. 
The majority, 67%, listen via their Smartphone and afterwards they can and do access programme notes onscreen which lead them straight to your website. 
Podcasts are easy to find and download.  
One of the most popular routes is via Apple iTunes’ podcast section, which lists a vast range and makes it easy to download, listen and subscribe.  
You can also access podcasts directly through links provided by the podcast creator on websites or social media. 
When you find a podcast you like, you can click on the subscribe button and every new episode will then automatically download onto your device. 
You can also “binge listen” to all the previous episodes.  
Listeners are invited to rate podcasts and leave feedback which is easy enough to do by clicking on the artwork. 

What podcasting format would work for you? 

Made4U Podcasts recommends episodes lasting between 15-30 minutes that can take any of the following formats: 
Solo is a podcast with just one voice – the host - talking about news, developments, offers, achievements, etc. 
An interview show involves the host putting questions to a member of your staff or a related expert with the aim of showcasing expertise; it might also involve answering questions submitted online by listeners in advance. 
Panel shows 
Panel shows introduce a more complex vibe into the mix but also more colour with plenty of opportunity for a lively exchange of opinions! 
This is looser and less formal but a very popular format; some might argue it is more natural-sounding than an interview because a successful one comes across as lively and spontaneous. 
Non-fictional story telling 
This would normally involve quite a lot of scripting and preparation work to feature well-told content - perhaps true stories about the history of your company, or staff members talking about their working experiences. 
Recordings from big events 
These tend to be from one-off occasions which form a single episode in a podcast series – for example from a trade show or conference featuring multiple interviews with speakers and participants. 
A hybrid format would involve a combination of any of the other formats. 

Isn’t it time you had a word in your customers’ ear? 

To find out more about this exciting new marketing channel for your business, or to book an initial planning session, please call or email us, or complete the enquiry form below and we’ll get straight back to you. 
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