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Business Revival – In Gloucestershire 

This is our podcast about how Gloucestershire's businesses are coping in the aftermath of the catastrophic Covid-19 outbreak. 
The podcast features interviews with a cross-section of local companies and expert commentary from business guru Gill Smith of The Business Kitchen
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Episode 10 - Sam Holliday 
A reality check for Gloucestershire business from the FSB's Sam Holliday 
This week, Sam Holliday from the Federation of Small Business provides a sobering view of our region's business landscape. 
Sam is the Development Manager for the FSB's Gloucestershire and the West of England office and has many years of experience editing regional newspapers. He works to support thousands of members who run small businesses or are self-employed and no one could be better placed to know where things are heading. 
Sam reports on how the country's businesspeople are faring in the current climate, with parts of the UK teetering on the edge of a new lockdown in October 2020. 
It's not all gloomy - Sam tells us there are definitely silver linings as the true entrepreneurs among us spot opportunities during these otherwise difficult times. 
This is the last episode in the current series, but "Business Revival - in Gloucestershire" will be back in November. 
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Episode 9 - Laura Crabb 
How to grow and thrive during a lockdown even if you are forced to furlough staff  
Laura Crabb is the founder of Boxtree Gifts - an online giftbox ordering company. Although still quite a young enterprise, Laura managed to keep it going despite having to furlough her staff during lockdown. 
She did so well in fact that her business ballooned and went from two employees to 10 - once a semblance of normality returned. 
On this edition of the Business Revival - in Gloucestershire podcast, she tells us how important communication with clients was to the success of the business. 
Our business expert, Gill Smith, of The Business Kitchen explores the power of listening to your customers as she examines Laura's survival strategy. 
Episode 8 - Paul Williamson 
How to keep serving customers despite a pandemic 
The very essence of an entrepreneur is to be able to see opportunities when everyone else is running scared. Gloucestershire's well-known craft beer maker "Hillside Brewery" and its Managing Director Paul Williamson are a prime example of just that. 
When so many of us dithered about how best to respond, Paul's imagination went into overdrive and he moved quickly to adapt to keep the brewery alive. 
Business expert Gill Smith of "The Business Kitchen" gives Paul full marks for his survival strategy. 
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Episode 7 - Rachael Willoughby 
Order a slice of this Gloucestershire entrepreneur's life-style secret! 
This pizza-making entrepreneur only became one because COVID-19 brought her other income streams to a painful halt. But Rachael Willoughby is nothing if not resourceful and once she has a good idea, she moves heaven and earth to make it happen. 
She and her husband run a number of businesses between them but started "Papa Gees" during lockdown to make and sell authentic Italian pizzas to their immediate locality in Bishop's Cleeve in Gloucestershire. 
The whole lockdown and pizza-making experience though has had a profound effect on Rachael's ambitions for the future. Find out how on this week's podcast edition of "Business Revival - in Gloucestershire" and the interesting spin our business guru, Gill Smith, has to put on it. 
Episode 6 - Rosie Jefferies 
Keeping parents sane in Gloucestershire and around the world 
Parents everywhere felt the strain during the lockdown but spare a thought for adoptive parents of traumatised and neglected children, profoundly damaged by the cruelty of their early years. Caring for them is exhausting, draining and must sometimes seem futile. 
Rosie Jefferies is the Managing Director of the Gloucestershire-based National Association of Therapeutic Parenting (or NATP), which provides advice, help and training to these parents and was herself rescued from a very disturbing family situation. 
Unsurprisingly, her organisation received a massive injection in terms of membership and income. How did it cope with the reverse of what so many businesses and organisations experienced, and what is Rosie doing to capitalise on their growth? 
Listen to the podcast to find out...! 
Episode 5 - Nikki Budding 
How one Gloucestershire charity kept funds rolling in during lockdown 
Gloucestershire cancer charity Hope For Tomorrow did more than just keep its head above water during lockdown. 
While so many charities struggled to cope in the face of cancelled fund-raising events, Hope For Tomorrow not only kept funds rolling in, but successfully rolled out its services to a far wider catchment area. 
Hope For Tomorrow funds mobile cancer care units which take the treatment to the patient so they don’t have to travel miles to hospitals. It also means the risk of patients contracting Covid-19 is significantly reduced. 
NHS Trusts throughout the UK cottoned on to this innovation during lockdown and the charity’s vehicles were much in demand. How did Fundraising Manager, Nikki Budding, maintain this money-raising momentum? 
Episode 4 - Clare Seed 
Deploying an Acute Risk Radar as the Pandemic Loomed 
We should be thankful for people like Clare Seed of Tidal Training Direct.  
Her acute risk radar meant she acted quickly to prevent her business inadvertently spreading the Covid-19 virus through their popular face-to-face First Aid Training courses in Gloucestershire. 
But how do you cope for the future when operations are closed down and your business will be among the last to resume operations because of the nature of the business? 
Our business expert Gill Smith from The Business Kitchen has some suggestions. 
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Episode 3 - David Chalk 
Proudly Protecting Old Folk From The Pandemic 
David Chalk, managing director of Windrush Care, is proud that his thriving home care services business kept his vulnerable clients safer in their own homes than they would have been in residential accommodation. 
As he explains, none of his staff tested positive for Covid-19 and consequently not a single client was lost to the disease. 
Episode 2 - Nick Weston 
Destination Lift Off: How regional airports can accelerate business recovery 
Nick Weston, CEO of Weston Aviation, adapted quickly to the crisis created by the onset of the coronavirus and the severe curtailing of air traffic.  
Now he sees the role of regional airports as vital in the recovery process, because they offer a much more efficient and safer means of transport. But more expensive, surely? Well, not necessarily... 
Episode 1 - Chris Hickey 
Giving Gloucestershire Business the Kiss of Life 
Chris Hickey knows a thing or two about returning from the dead. And he's applying his masterful HR skills to Gloucestershire businesses' employee issues throughout this crisis. 
Our business expert Gill Smith from The Business Kitchen gives her take on how Chris's company, Charlton HR, faced up to the challenge of the coronavirus crisis. 

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