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Books are published, blogs have websites, articles are printed and videos appear on YouTube. But where the hell do you put your company’s audio podcasts so that people can find them? 
Fortunately, there are media hosting services… but do you really have to use a media host? 
Well, yes. It does make life more simple. 
You cannot upload directly to any of the directories from where people download their podcasts such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Alexa, etc. 
You can forget about publishing your podcast on your own website. It wouldn’t be able to cope with the increased bandwidth that audio files require and slow download speeds would frustrate potential listeners. 
Besides, doing so would most probably contravene your web host’s Terms of Service. 
So, a service is needed which: 
accommodates your audio files 
sends fresh episodes to all the directories every time you publish a new podcast 
provides episode players that you can place on your website to link to your audio files. 
What else? 
Media hosts will guide you through generating a RSS feed – which facilitates access to online content updates. And they’ll provide you with episode players that you can place on your website and social media to link to your podcast. 
Many will also provide: 
Measurement features to show... 
­ your total plays 
­ what apps people are using to listen to your podcast 
­ where they’re listening 
Transcription services 
Podcast monetising advice 
Visual soundbite creation facilities 
They make it all pretty straightforward for you to upload audio files, although you have to jump through a few well-signposted hoops at the very start (so leave time to register when you begin your podcast journey). 
Made4U Podcasts is an unabashed fan of Buzzsprout (, but Captivate's audience-growing strengths are also impressive (see  
Others you could take a look at include PodBean ( and Spreaker ( – and there are more out there, but any one of these is a good place to start. 
For the best service choice, you have to pay a small monthly amount but it won’t break a corporate budget. In return, you can expect secure and reliable hosting that will automatically update each new episode and send it to the podcast directories. 
What we do to help 
At Made4U Podcasts, we are experts in all aspects of podcast production and are happy to register your new podcast with a media host on your behalf. 
We love hearing from people with enquiries so don’t hesitate to call with your podcast production enquiries. 
We also provide bespoke training courses for corporate teams to produce podcasts in-house. 
Contact us anytime on 
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