If you’re stuck on how to launch a podcast – here’s how Made4U Podcasts is setting about it. 
We’ve got a new podcast coming out in Summer 2020. Here’s the checklist we are using to make it all happen. 
Of course, there are different ways to put the wheels into motion – but this is our story, and we think you’ll find it interesting! 
About the Author – Serena Gay – founder and managing director of Made4U Podcasts 
Serena founded Made4U Podcasts in 2018 after a career spent in radio and TV in the UK with the BBC, and in Germany with DW TV. 
She has many years' of experience writing and voicing well-researched and engaging material, and developed her social media marketing skills managing companies in the UK and Germany. 

The Podcast Launch Checklist 

This blog is being written weeks before Made4U Podcasts launches a new podcast.  
Of course, our primary role is to produce podcasts for other companies and organisations! But the lockdown gave us pause for thought, and then we were struck by a brilliant brainwave... Why not produce a podcast about post-pandemic business revival strategies in the county where we are based in the UK – Gloucestershire? 
Before we even thought of pressing the record button – we compiled a checklist of tasks that need fulfilling. 
Here it is, plus a few extra notes for you! 

1. Theme 

We started thinking about the theme as described mid to late-May 2020. Such a theme would serve a dual purpose.  
First, by helping business people in Gloucestershire (and indeed, elsewhere) learn about surviving this crisis through the experience of others, and secondly by giving Made4U Podcasts the perfect excuse to go and talk to potential clients and show off our expertise. 
It’s quite a niche proposition – to make a podcast about and for a single British county’s business experience.  
But that’s ok. In fact, it is more than that! 
The podosphere is full of business podcasts, but the ones that appeal to a more specialised audience may well gather traction quickly through word of mouth, because no one else is catering for that niche. 

2. Format 

An interview show in two parts: 
a) first with a Gloucestershire-based company discussing how the Covid-19 crisis impacted them and their plan to emerge in good shape; 
b) a chat afterwards with a well-known Gloucestershire business guru reflecting on the interview that has just gone before. 

3. Podcast Name 

It took some time to come up with something that worked. 
Main title “Business Revival”. 
Sub-heading “In Gloucestershire”. 
Originally, the sub-heading was going to be “A Gloucestershire Epic”, but wiser heads prevailed advising that the use of the word “epic” was a tad misleading and not very businesslike. 

4. Podcast Length & Frequency 

20-minute max and appearing fortnightly for seasons of six episodes. 

5. Podcast Rundown 

This, essentially, is the architecture of the podcast episodes. 
­ music 
­ a generic introduction 
­ a carefully scripted introduction for our interviewee 
­ the interview 
­ an exit from the interview followed by a short intro to our business guru 
­ chat with the business guru 
­ exit and Call to Action (eg, visit our website/subscribe to the podcast) 
­ generic outro 
­ music 

6. Theme Music 

We’ve found something short, a bit quirky and perfect for the mood on Audio Jungle, cost $14. 

7. Artwork 

The artwork for our podcast logo has been professionally designed. 
It can be repurposed easily by slightly altering the design on Canva so as to have a different image to use to announce each new episode on social media. My graphic designer has specifically arranged for this to be possible. 
The art design is where most of my budget for the podcast is going.  
It is money well-spent to ensure a professional look to go with great content and great audio. 
I floated two possible artwork ideas on LinkedIn and got some great feedback. This is the final choice: 

8. Recording Gear 

We’ll be using our trusty Rode NT1A condenser mic plugged into a Focusrite interface, together with Yamaha headphones. 

9. Recording Environment 

We have a nice snug little studio to do our online recordings during this pandemic phase but will aim to do location recording with interviewees once circumstances allow. 
You simply cannot beat face-to-face interviewing. 

10. Audio Editing Software 

Adobe Audition – know it and love it. 

11. Podcast Host 

We've chosen Buzzsprout
There are a variety of podcast hosts we would be happy to recommend, but we’ve worked most with Buzzsprout and currently have no plans to experiment elsewhere. 
Buzzsprout will distribute our podcast to directories such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc., and give us download stats for each episode, as well as a whole host of other services including ways to embed each episode on our website. 

12. Remote Recording Software 

As none of the interviews are going to be done face-to-face for a while thanks to Covid-19, we’ll try the remote recording facility Cleanfeed.net instead of Zencaster, as we’ve heard great reviews about the audio quality and want to try it out. 

13. Interview Guests 

Currently compiling and contacting a list, and hopefully interviews will start taking place in the near future. 
We’ve ordered a Logitech H390 USB headset to either hand-deliver or send to interviewees, because we want to try and ensure decent audio quality in remotely recorded discussions. 

14. Interview Release Forms 

Ready to be sent out to guests prior to interview. 

15. Recording the Trailer and first Editions 

In the works! The “coming soon” trailer will go live a week in advance of publishing the first three completed episodes. 
This will give the major podcast directories enough time to approve the show and for us to secure an RSS feed (both of which are easy to achieve via Buzzsprout) before we’re ready to publish the first three completed episodes. 
This number of episodes also gives people who listen more than just a taster. It gives them a stronger sense of the podcast’s content and helps built an appetite for more. 

16. Recording the generic intro and outro 

Also in the works. 

17. Launch Date 

Depends on how many and how quickly interviews can be lined up and completed in the coming few weeks, but we’re aiming for mid to late July 2020. 

18. Launch Plan 

Issue a press release to local print media and radio, and hopefully get an interview on BBC Gloucestershire and/or coverage in the local press 
With a specialised podcast like this that caters to a niche community, we’ll be alerting other platforms used by “our” community to the upcoming launch. This will include the county’s Chambers of Commerce and networking business groups 
Publicise the launch to Gloucestershire social media business groups 
Ahead of the actual publication date, send out an episode to Gloucestershire’s social media influencers and ask them to review it on the day of publication 
Create a dedicated page on Made4U Podcasts’ website to feature links to the podcast with a new artwork template for each episode 

19. Post Launch Activities 

Promote each episode with a variety of tools on social media 
Issue a regular podcast email newsletter with transcript of the interview and business guru insights 
Share some behind-the-scenes content in the email newsletter 
Insert a link to the podcast into Made4U’s email signature 
Issue every new guest and the business gurus with a road map for promoting the editions they appear on which should include what to say and the logo 
Use transcripts from each show for blogs that will be published on our website and repurposed for LinkedIn articles 
...So, many of our ducks are in a row – but there is still work to do. The launch date may be a little optimistic, but being ambitious about it is more likely to achieve results. 

20. One more thing 

We’re toying with using a new service called Descript
It’s interesting because it transcribes and helps edit out bits of conversation that we may want to cut, and it does it all in a novel way. This could well speed-up the editing process and so we think it is worth investigating. Watch this space...! 

How we help 

If you’re itching to start a new podcast for your business or organisation but would really appreciate a spot of help, then email Serena at Made4U Podcasts on serena@made4U-podcasts.co.uk
She’d love to meet for a virtual coffee and chat about the services we have on offer! Find out HERE what we can do for you. 
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