Podcast-making is like having your own radio show and is highly effective in positioning you as a thought leader in your field. 
But just because it is a radio show, that doesn’t mean you need: 
1. A plush BBC-style studio with sound-proofed walls and armoured doors 
2. The conversational prowess of Graham Norton 
3. A contacts book bulging with names 
4. Armies of sound engineers fussing over banks of equipment 
5. A degree in audio engineering 
6. Knowledge of the dark art of audio editing 
...Which all begs the question of what you do need! 
Somewhere to record a podcast 
As long as it’s quiet – it could be a nice small carpeted room but avoid big echoey spaces with loads of hard surfaces and little in the way of soft furnishings. Actually, believe it or not, a car makes quite a good recording environment! So does under a duvet…. 
Curiousity and interest in what your podcast guests can contribute 
This isn’t rocket science – unless that’s what your podcast is about (!) – because all you need is a little bit of forethought in planning an informal discussion about your favourite subject. You – or your chosen podcast presenter – will love it, and your listeners will too. 
A few contacts for inviting guests to speak on your podcast 
….but you’ll be surprised by how enthusiastically people will agree to be on your show. They may even ring you and ask to be part of it once your podcast has gained traction. 
A reasonable understanding of how your equipment works (and see this BLOG for podcast gear recommendations) 
There are oodles of short, easy-to-follow online videos to show you how to do the basics. 
How to ensure good sound quality 
There’s a little bit to know about how to tweak this and that, but the answer is basically the same as above. 
How to craft your recordings into a finished podcast 
Admittedly, this is probably the most time-consuming part and takes quite a lot of practice to perfect. But there’s plenty of help available. 
If you’re excited at making a podicast but the thought of producing your own series makes you go weak at the knees, why not seek out expert advice and help? 
Made4U Podcasts provides a complete production service – see HERE for more details. 
We welcome enquiries and are happy to chat anytime about how we can help. 
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