The business community is hardly lagging behind when it comes to podcasts. New corporate podcasts are being launched every day. 
There are a host of useful online videos to get to grips with new audio skills – but which are the best? 
Made4U Podcasts has picked out the cream of the online help videos crop. This week we’re featuring some video tutorials that focus on the basics of audio editing using Adobe Audition, which we believe is the best audio editing software available. 
If you don’t already have Audition, a subscription costs around £20 a month or $20 give or take a few cents/pennies. 
Mike Russell’s Adobe Audition CC Tutorial for Beginners – Getting Started Guide 
Length 13:45 
Jason Huggins - Removing Pops and Clicks from Audio 
Length 7:39 
O’Reilly Video Training – Using the Sound Remover Effect (to deal with interfering noises like sirens and phone rings, etc.) 
Length 12:45 
Mike Russell – DeNoise Effect in Adobe Audition CC 2019 (to remove any white noise permeating a part of or the entire recording) 
Length 5:53 
Mike Russell – How to Remove Room Echo (also known as reverb) 
Length 5:12 
Jason Levine – Removing Plosives (a distorted sound that all too often results when an air blast from the mouth goes into the microphone) 
Length 2:07 
Guides to use the free editing programme Audacity will follow in a later blog. 
What we do to help 
Made4U Podcasts runs corporate podcast training courses to teach and help you practice audio editing skills. Contact us anytime for more information on
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