Let me whisper this in your ear - podcasting is an empty marketplace. But it’s beginning to fill up. 
Savvy businesspeople are catching on to the power of the human voice in podcast marketing terms but there’s still plenty of space for you to make your own mark in this relatively new dimension. 
When it’s such a struggle to get people to read blogs and email newsletters, the very idea that your target audience will willingly subscribe to weekly podcasts, download and listen for much longer than it takes to read the average blog length, simply can’t be ignored. 
I suppose you might expect me to bang on about why you should be podcasting, since that’s what Made4U Podcasts does, but it really does work! 
People listen to podcasts to be informed and entertained in their down time – commuting, washing up, mowing the lawn, on the treadmill, even walking the dog. And all the while, they are getting to know the sound of your voice and to associate it with your brand. 
So, the chance to nurture this intimate connection with your target customers is why podcasts for businesses are taking off. 
There’s no need to be blinded by the technicalities of it all – I would love to come along and talk to you about how it works and why it definitely won’t break your bank. 
Maybe you'd consider booking Made4U Podcasts to make a taster podcast... a 20-minute “pilot show” for just £250?  
Contact me now, and we can whisper in each other’s ears about where we can take this! 
Serena Gay 
Founder, Made4U Podcasts 
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