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Any second now this woman won’t just tear apart a pencil with her teeth, she’ll be yanking her hair out too. 
Editing and mixing podcast audio - if you are new to it - can be utterly infuriating. There is a lot to know and it takes a great deal of practice to get good at it. 
Let’s just cut to the chase here. If you’re thinking of launching your own corporate podcast, we recommend you outsource the audio editing. That is, unless you’re lucky enough to have an audio engineer on your team! 
What’s the audio editing fuss all about? 
You almost certainly do not want your podcast to sound as if it was recorded inside a public convenience/bathroom. Nor, do you want to leave in bungled comments or the moan of shrieking sirens sneaking onto your audio from the world outside. In addition, you don’t want poorly controlled sound levels or badly mixed-in music.  
In short, you don’t want to sound like a complete amateur. 
But surely, editing takes just a few moments? 
Actually, it will probably take longer than the recording. It can be painstaking and require a whole load of delicate refinements to remove extraneous noises. 
But there are plenty of experts who love nothing more than to fiddle and tweak to give you the best sound quality, so don’t be put off from podcasting by the need to do it right. And, anyway, the best use of your time ultimately, is to ensure great content. 
What we do to help 
At Made4U Podcasts, we love audio production – it brings a spot of Zen quality to our day and a rewarding sense of achievement! 
Feel free to drop us an email to see how we can help you with your corporate podcasts. 
We also train teams in podcasting skills (using Adobe Audition), so if you’re a budding audio supremo super keen to learn some new skills – get in touch. 
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