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A lot of corporate podcasts are recorded in-house. Creating your own office recording environment is perfectly possible and needn’t cost a bomb. 
But every recording professional under the sun – including Made4U Podcasts - will utter the same mantra again and again to would-be podcast makers: Get it right from the start...! 
Get it right at the start and your sound quality shouldn’t let you down. 
Get it wrong from the start and your podcast will sound as if it has been recorded in the toilets at Heathrow airport! 
When you talk your voice produces sound waves which bounce ecstatically off hard surfaces. The result in the wrong recording space, recorded via a microphone, is an ugly echoey sound reminiscent of, yes, toilets. 
Don’t record in a big room with loads of hard surfaces, high ceilings, glass screens and hard wooden or stone floors – like in the picture here... 
This may be colourful, corporate and cool. But it’s clueless. 
Find a small-to-medium sized carpeted room with as much in the way of soft furnishings and bookshelves as possible.  
Anything to soak up those rampant sound waves. 
A room with windows facing onto quieter back streets is optimal. Traffic rumble is a nuisance and reduces the quality of the finished product. 
In the absence of the ideal room, use removal blankets to drape over hard surfaces. Definitely place one on the microphone table. Bring in a rug to place on hard floor surfaces. 
Or, for a little more money, you can purchase sound absorption blankets or panels (as pictured) and use them to wall off a recording area. 
...They’ll soak up unwanted reverberations and can be packed away afterwards. 
Don’t forget what’s going on outside your recording room 
It can come as a nasty shock on the first day of recording to realise you’ve chosen a room next to the lift (a nightmare for the editor after recording has taken place). 
­ Does the room have anything in it that might make noise such as clocks, radiators or air conditioning? You may need to silence these during recordings. 
­ Similarly, you might want to place the corridor outside out of bounds. Doors banging and people talking are the last thing you want! 
Made4U Podcasts offers a full podcast production service to help sort out such planning issues. You can also opt to take our in-house podcast training courses to learn all about the finer points of doing it yourself. 
In any event, enjoy your new podcasting experience! 
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