Have you flirted with the idea of launching a regular podcast for your association but quailed at the thought of committing to it? 
What is putting you off? Buying the recording gear? Becoming a crack sound engineer? Worrying whether you will cut the mustard as a podcast interviewer? Or basically, you just don’t have a clue about where to start? 
Fair enough. There is a different skill set involved but Made4U Podcasts exists to smooth your path towards making podcasting a reality. We know what to do and we can demystify the process for you. 
Made4U Podcasts puts in the hard graft planning episodes. We’ll also book and brief guests, draw up programme rundowns and edit recordings so that they’re mistake-free and sound great. We’ll show you how to publish your podcasts and how to promote them. 
What about audio equipment and recording studios? To start with, there’s no need to construct a studio in your offices – a quiet carpeted room will probably do the job - and recording equipment doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We bring our own, anyway. 
A well-planned podcast where fellow experts chat in an informal setting does not require the interrogation skills of a Jeremy Paxman or an Emma Barnet, so you can relax on that score. 
People love listening to podcasts on subjects of niche interest because they them such great value for investing so little of their own time. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll grow a following of devoted fans. 
You could also consider training your team to learn podcast making skills. Made4U Podcasts provides a variety of courses and a post-training support service. Being involved in a podcast production is a great employee-engagement exercise – it is fun, it creates a buzz and it gets imaginations soaring. 
Contact us anytime for a longer chat about how you can make your own podcasting splash! 
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