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Alec Baldwin talks to an eclectic mix of artists, policy makers and performers. What makes it so listenable is Alec Baldwin’s rapier interviewing talent. If you are of a sensitive nature, avoid the episode on The Human Centipede. It’s gross. But hilarious. 
An excellent series for anyone seeking to teach themselves the basic skills. Presented by two engaging Scots up in Dundee, this is good binge listening material. 
Not a single podcast of course, but the place to turn to if we want a good drama podcast or long documentary 
Ok, so this will only be of interest if you are into looking at how data drives and challenges fintech, regulation, insight, and change. A bit niche – but a great example of a corporate podcast produced in-house. And the artwork is so lovely…. 
If you are a political animal and interested in UK current affairs, Brexitcast is entertaining, informative and deliciously gossipy. 
The Great British Bake Off has fans around the globe (apparently, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton love it). This podcast is produced by a cookery school (another great example of a superbly well branded podcast) and features two former contestants with the gift of the gab forensically analysing each episode of the show. It’s unmissable during GBBO season. 
This an American answer to Podcraft above, but presented by the idiosyncratic Dave Jackson and appeals to new and veteran podcasters. We love it. 
Deputy political editor of The Spectator, Katy Balls, speaks to women at the top of their respective games, about their passions, their battles, and what makes them tick. A fascinating podcast. 
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