The trick to podcast fame and success is scintillating content. 
Above all, make it compelling so as to turn your listeners into loyal long-term fans. 
As a corporate podcaster, you know what you want to achieve with your podcast and who you want to reach. 
So, with that in mind, draw up your content plan to last your series. (Most podcasts run in seasons often with a podcast a week over six weeks.) 
Your content should be based around your podcast structure and should remain true to your theme and your overall aims. For example, it wouldn’t do for a podcast showcasing your expertise on acne treatments to veer off into NHS funding problems. 

Some great ideas for compelling content 

1. Discuss real life examples of the work you do (protecting identities wherever necessary) 
2. Voice a commentary on the latest developments or challenges in your industry – you are a thought leader, after all 
3. Bring on different members of your team each episode to show off their know how 
4. Invite experts to talk about issues affecting your industry or sector 
5. Have a debate where different viewpoints are expressed 
6. Invite clients to a roundtable discussion on the issues that matter to them 
7. Have a news slot which could focus on: 
­company news and successes 
­urgent challenges facing your industry 
­changes in government policy and how it affects your clients 
­world events 
­natural disasters 
­changing consumer behaviour 
ethical issues 
8. Q&A with questions submitted by listeners on your social media or podcast website page 
9. Introduce a new employee or a new client 
10. Quiz, with a new winner announced each week 
A final word – feel free to spice it up a bit with some imagination, humour or even a dash of controversy. Have fun with it and your audience will too. 
What we do to help 
Planning fabulous content comes second nature to us at Made4U Podcasts, given our background in broadcasting journalism. 
If you’d like a few pointers with creating fascinating content, please get in touch. Maybe you’d like us to organise a podcast training session for your corporate team. 
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