Made4U Podcast Packages 

Podcasting is a highly effective way of establishing your expertise and engaging people’s interest in your business. 
There’s no need to stress over any worries you might have – our training packages will put paid to all that! 
And if you’re worried about how your voice sounds, how much of your time podcasting will take up or even how to find the right podcast content – just relax, we’ve got it covered. 
Made4U Podcasts’ experts offer the following services to ensure your voice creates a big buzz in your business community: 
advice on a name, theme, format and length for your business podcast 
advice on recording equipment and software 
finding music and devising artwork 
providing ideas for your podcast rundown 
helping plan your first podcast season’s content 
recording the regular introduction and the outro 
writing and recording a 1-minute trailer 
registering the podcast and publishing the trailer with a podcast host 
providing launch promotions advice 
creating 4 social media tools such as audiograms and pullquotes from the first recording 
providing audio editing support for the first three episodes 
Price - £1,195 
On this full day’s comprehensive course our experts train in-house teams to produce high-quality podcasts with engaging content. 
Learn how to: 
Choose what equipment to buy and how to use it 
Set up a recording space 
Plan engaging content to include podcast format, episode content, duration, calls to action etc. 
Present, interview and script 
Audio edit on Adobe Audition or Audacity 
Publish and promote podcasts 
Price – £1,375 
Feel free to discuss your particular podcast production needs and we’ll provide a bespoke quote. 
Made4U Podcasts takes all the effort out of podcast production for a very reasonable price, so that you can claim number one spot for your product or service in this relatively uncluttered marketing medium. 

Making corporate podcasts fun and easy! 

In summary, we... 
Plan your podcasts 
Record and edit your podcasts 
Distribute your podcasts 
Promote your podcasts 
Train you or your staff to be podcast presenters! 

Isn’t it time you had a word in your customers’ ear? 

To find out more about this exciting new marketing channel for your business, or to book an initial planning session, please call or email us, or complete the enquiry form below and we’ll get straight back to you. 
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