How We Help 

Our BBC-trained and professional broadcasting journalist team provide a broadcast quality start-to-finish production service so that you can convey expert knowledge, news and views in: 
a podcast series (a podcast a week - like a radio show published over several months) 
one-off podcasts from events 
round-up podcasts from conferences or trade fairs 
We’ll do the all the hard graft for you, from research and planning to recording and publishing, and more besides.  
We also offer a podcast presentation training service so that you or your staff can literally be the “voice” of your lively and engaging podcasts. 

Our Services 

We’re expert at getting our heads around your business as well as your marketing message strategy to advise on branding and podcast content 
We research and present a choice of music beds to bookend each episode 
We suggest a podcast name 
We create a podcast trailer in the run up to the launch of a series 
We advise on promoting podcasts across hosting platforms, on your company website and on social media 
Recordings can be made on location, via the internet or in studios we’ll book for you 
We contact and book guests for panel discussions 
We can be the “voice” of your podcasts or train your staff to host them 
We have our own in-house presenter or you can choose from our team of broadcasting professionals 
We will always direct the recording sessions for you though, so you can be confident that all will go smoothly 
We also take care of all the post-recording technical production aspects such as audio editing, music and sound effects 
Podcast Training 
Bespoke courses on: 
Podcast planning 
Podcast presentation 
Recording and audio-editing 
Podcast promotion 
We will will guide you through how podcast sponsorship works 
We provide bespoke podcast media kits for making sponsorship approaches 
We write sponsorship material for voicing throughout the podcast 
Programme format examples: 
Simple voice recording with music 
Presenter + pre-recorded interviewee/s 
Presenter + interviews, voxpops and other sound effects including music 
Presenter conducting a roundtable discussion 
Report on location (e.g.- from a trade event) 
Client’s own staff as presenters (coached by us) doing any or all of the above under our direction 
Hosting, Distribution & SEO 
We create a hosting account for you which places audio files on all the major hosting platforms such as iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, etc. 
We provide you with an audio download link to use on your website 
We devise and provide artwork, programme notes and tags using your existing branding 
We provide up to 7 social sharing tools including audiograms, image quotes and optimised thumbnails 
Made4U Podcasts creates the ID3 titles for each episode using the right keywords so that podcasts appear in relevant search queries and optimises artwork for better search engine rankings 
We help you attract trusted website and social media links by leveraging podcast guest speakers’ own websites and social media 
Made4U Podcasts takes all the effort out of podcast production for a very reasonable price, so that you can claim number one spot for your product or service in this relatively uncluttered marketing medium. 

Making corporate podcasts fun and easy! 

In summary, we... 
Plan your podcasts 
Record and edit your podcasts 
Distribute your podcasts 
Promote your podcasts 
Train you or your staff to be podcast presenters! 

Isn’t it time you had a word in your customers’ ear? 

To find out more about this exciting new marketing channel for your business, or to book an initial planning session, please call or email us, or complete the enquiry form below and we’ll get straight back to you. 
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