Meet The Team 

Serena Gay, the founder of Made4U Podcasts, is supported by a team of first-class recording professionals.  
The team has unparalleled experience conveying audio and visual content with their BBC-style delivery and script-writing expertise. 

Jonathan Failla 

Jonathan originally hails from New York and has many years’ experience working in TV news and also as a film director, voice actor and voice director.  
He has a deep warm rich voice and an incredibly versatile delivery that delivers spice and testosterone to any production. 
Jonathan Failla - soundbite 

Dulcie Smart 

Dulcie left behind a successful acting career in New Zealand to live in Europe, reinvented herself as a broadcasting journalist, and continues to dazzle on the small screen, on paper and on stage.  
Her calm authoritative delivery works a special magic on podcasts. 
Dulcie Smart - soundbite 

Simon Young 

Simon works in the broadcasting news world as a news writer and on-air TV pundit for international broadcaster DW TV’s English programming.  
He brings a knowledgeable but punchy and urgent quality to his delivery that is ideal for podcasting’s informal style. 
Simon Young - soundbite 

Mark Kempner 

Cheltenham’s Mark Kempner is a professional actor, director and writer with more than 20 years’ experience creating innovative corporate team building entertainment and event strategy for blue chip companies.  
He has an astonishing vocal range and will add a dash of street-cred and fun to enliven any podcast. 
Mark Kempner - soundbite 

Christa Lewis 

Christa established her broadcasting career in Europe but is now based in Los Angeles and taking the audio book world by storm.  
She is an award-winning and well-established voiceover artist with possibly the sexiest and wittiest voice you’ll ever hear. 
Christa Lewis - soundbite 

Nawroz Abbany 

Nawroz is an experienced TV features and news director who also possesses a smooth and intelligent vocal delivery that hooks in an audience just for the sheer pleasure of listening to him!  
He also brings audio technician and music composition skills to our team. 
Nawroz Abbany - soundbite 

If you would like to learn more about the team, please give us a call. 

Excerpt from podcast for the Cambridge Literary Festival with author Preti Taneja on her novel “We That Are Young” 
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