Allow experienced, BBC-trained experts, led by our founder Serena Gay, to give your business its own podcast voice

A well-produced podcast will help you make a splash in your business niche and find profitable streams of new clients to help grow and develop your business. 
An estimated 15.6 million people are downloading podcasts every week in the UK.* 
They earn above average incomes, have serious spending power and actively seek out niche podcasts that match their business interests. 
The power of the human voice to form a close bond with target audiences is one you too can exploit. 

Podcasts are a perfect fit for today’s consumer. 

People want to select and get the information they need and the entertainment they want when it’s convenient for THEM. 

It’s a massive market opportunity! 

There’s still plenty of space in the relatively new podcasting sphere to make your mark and grab the attention of podcast listeners. 
Research shows they earn 28% more on average and make bigger and/or more frequent purchases.  
Podcast fans are a well-defined group of savvy, affluent consumers.* 
*Source: Research by podcast platform with international market research firm Ipsos Mori 

Made4U Podcasts  

We can guarantee your weekly or monthly podcasts will be great value for money, as well as easy to find and easy to enjoy. 
Act now to engage your audience’s attention – and their serious spending power. 

Made4U Podcast Packages 

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Isn’t it time you had a word in your customers’ ear? 

To find out more about this exciting new marketing channel for your business, or to book an initial planning session, please call or email us, or complete the enquiry form below and we’ll get straight back to you. 

How to produce a business podcast 

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